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Climbing for Quinta Betel


Standing at the 6960 m (22,837-ft) summit of Aconcagua – the highest mountain in South America and a climb that was dedicated to Quinta Betel – a remote children’s home at the base of the Andes.

The Argentine Superstars

The Quinta Betel flag was signed by the superstar’s of the remote children’s home before proudly being flown on the summit of Aconcagua!


UPDATE: As of Tuesday, April 10th, 2019, the internet is OFFICIALLY up and running at Quinta Betel! I want to thank donors for their efforts in helping Project 43324 get this remote children’s home at the base of the Andes connected! From a developmental standpoint, this is monumental!

The Quinta Betel flag, which was signed by some very special chicos y chicas and waved on the summit of the highest mountain peak in South America, will now proudly crown the top of the fixed wireless internet tower!

The multi-use laptops being donated to Quinta Betel

Because the internet is arguably the single most powerful tools for education, helping connect the remote children’s home has always been my primary focus. As education evolves and adapts with technology, so must the world in how it utilizes educational resources.

A fixed wireless internet tower is being installed on the property – a first of its kind in the region.

Laptops have also been donated to the Quinta, which will allow for them to have the necessary educational tools to further their development. With leftover funds available, a few desktop computers can be purchased and placed into the newly renovated learning center where they can be used for after-school programs and alternative therapy.

Many projects that were once put on the back burner due to the lack of internet connection, can now be brought to the forefront. Some of these projects explore different options for generating on-site revenue for the property like taking advantage of its many acres of land by producing fresh fruits and vegetables. The Quinta needs volunteers, so programs can potentially be implemented to help out with basic needs around the property as well.

Climbing for Stella Maris


Standing at the 5895 m (19,340-ft) summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa and a climb that was dedicated to Stella Maris English Medium Primary – a School that provides education to the underprivileged children of the local villages in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian Superstars



To the far left, is the dinning hall in the midst of construction.

Unrestricted funds were raised and donated to Stella Maris for their ongoing construction of a new dining hall, that will hold 350+ students for school assemblies. I hope to continue to bring attention to the work Stella Maris does for youth development in the region.

Trekking in Nepal

I spent time trekking all over Nepal back in 2017. Seeing first hand how underdeveloped the country was, and the lack of resources available for children in remote mountain villages really prompted me to want to make a difference. This difference was part of the motivation for Project 43324!

The Nepalis Superstars

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